How Tierra Supports the Deployment of 5G in Canada

5G has recently become all the rage, and for good reasons- this technology can help push the Canadian economy forward. With greater access to businesses, consumers, and students with a 5G network will benefit from peak speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps, facilitating remote work, virtual health, and distant education. 5G also promises to create 250,000 Canadian jobs and contribute $40 billion to the country’s economy annually by 2026. All the major network providers are competing to get in quickly to grab that first-mover competitive advantage. 

All three major providers, Rogers, Bell & Telus, plan to take on this significant infrastructure change over the next year. In addition, Tierra has upheld some great relationships with all the major network providers and utility providers, serving the Canadian industry with a range of professional services that produce timely and precise underground information. This includes services for utilities, municipalities, engineers, surveyors, project owners and private property owners. Tierra, and its affiliated companies, can offer services such as 5G tower construction, subsurface utility engineering, locating, mapping, daylighting, and more.

However, this accessibility would be first seen by the major cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and the Greater Toronto Area. In addition, all three of these major networks have plans on expanding to reach the smaller towns and cities across the country very soon. This is where our services step in, and Tierra can eliminate any red tape and get these projects moving faster by eliminating downtime during construction while promoting public safety.

The inability to obtain reliable underground utility information has long been troublesome for many network providers. It is negatively affecting lives in the form of costly damages and claims, service eruptions and lengthy construction projects. The fundamental objective of Tierra is to provide its clients with the best and most efficient solution, considering values such as public and employee safety, courteous customer service, high-quality and cost-efficient solutions, user-friendly and environmentally friendly technologies.

To learn more about the types of services, you can visit our website or contact us, and we can provide you with an in-depth walk-through to better provide you with the resources that make your projects quicker and cost-efficient.

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