For Mapping or Private Locating Services, Please call Alberta @ 1 (855) 584-3772 and Ontario @ 1 (877) 497-9033

Welcome to Tierra Geomatic Services Inc.

tierra1Tierra Geomatic Services Inc. (TIERRA) is a dynamic Canadian company providing Private Locates, GPS mapping, Pipeline Risk Management and GIS Systems / Asset Management that is rapidly expanding across Canada. These services are provided to the oil/ gas and utilities industries; including contractors, commercial and private land owners as well as cities/towns.

tierra2TIERRA is proud to provide services to Enbridge Gas (Ontario) Enbridge Pipelines, Altalink, OJ Pipelines, Union Gas, as well as other engineering and construction corporations and communities throughout Alberta and Ontario.

TIERRA has exclusive contracts covering all Alberta requests for Enbridge Pipelines and Altalink through the Alberta One Call network. In addition it handles the GPS mapping of all Altalink infrastructures along with the locating services.

Enbridge Gas in Ontario is using Tierra on an ongoing basis for stand by safety services during installation and maintenance of its gas pipelines.

TIERRA is a privately owned company growing aggressively by addressing the market growth needs for accuracy, speed and cost efficient services. Locating service integration with mapping by means of electronic drawing, as builds and GPS mapping makes a better ROI for many advanced Engineering companies and utilities as they rely heavily on GIS systems for their Asset Management functionalities.

Our Clientele

  • Enbridge Gas Distribution
  • Enbridge Pipeline
  • AltaLink
  • OJ Pipeline
  • Union Gas
  • Numerous engineering companies and independent contractors

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