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Asset Management

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Comprehensive Asset Management

Asset management (AM) is an integrated approach to planning and maintaining current and new resources, involving all organization departments, with a vision to optimize benefits, mitigate risks, and provide the community with adequate levels of service in a sustainable way.

Through researching, gathering, and developing guidelines such as international asset management standard ISO 55000 and other various asset management resources, Tierra has developed a framework and procedure to be able to implement North American knowhows for cities and utility owners who need to develop a robust AM system.

Tierra is helping its clients achieve their asset management objective by offering the following services:

  • Asset Data Collection
  • Visual Condition Assessment
  • Legacy Program
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The Tierra Advantage

Tierra strives to provide the best possible services for all of its clients. With a highly trained staff and years of experience, Tierra does its best to ensure quality, safety and the highest level of professionalism.


At TIERRA we believe that vigilance, safety, and quality is of the utmost importance. We call this our ‘Continuous Quality Cycle’ system.

Team Safety

We ensures that all employees receive the best possible training for their work functions and ensure that such functions are carried out properly and competently.

Memberships And Certifications

Local management at Tierra has contributed in the development of industry-specific Best Practices and in the development of the ORCGA training curriculum.

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