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Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

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Systematic Utility

SUE is the ideal process for carrying out systematic utility research to promote structurally efficient design and mitigate any associated risk. SUE is critical for both utility and construction projects as it is the perfect tool to establish the location of buried utilities and can present findings in a risk-based format.

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Tierra SUE Process & Quality

Subsurface utility engineering (S.U.E.) consists of engineering processes that identify and characterize underground utility facilities precisely and thoroughly. It covers the three key designations, locating, and data management activities. In combination with traditional record research, coordination with utility providers, and site surveys, these activities provide high-quality information for development and project design. This means that SUE provides an existing sub-surface utility data classification system that substantially improves the reliability of information.

All Four Quality Levels of SUE

Tierra provides all SUE quality levels in compliance with ASCE 38-02 and CSA S250-11 standards.

Quality Level D

This level is mainly useful for project planning activities and it is the most basic level of obtaining underground utility information from existing utility records or verbal reminiscences.

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Quality Level C

This level includes surveying observable above-ground utility facilities (e.g., maintenance holes, utility poles, valves, telecommunication boxes, etc.) and relating this information with existing utility records.

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Quality Level B

It includes the use of geophysical surface procedures and techniques to identify the existence and horizontal position of literally all subsurface utilities within project limits. During this process, non-destructive technologies like Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) and electromagnetic (EM) instruments are often used to accurately detect even the un-tuneable underground assets like PVC pipes and sewerage network or the assets with broken tracer wire. The obtained information from this level by correlation with Level C & D provides a comprehensive subsurface utility dataset that includes abandoned lines and other discrepancies while confirming the accuracy of record data.

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Quality Level A

This is the highest current level of accuracy for SUE known as "daylighting." It delivers the specific location of vertical and horizontal underground utilities along with the type, size, condition, material, and other characteristics of the utilities that usually is accomplished by nondestructive excavation methods such as hydro-vacuuming or hand digging in certain project areas.

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At TIERRA we believe that vigilance, safety, and quality is of the utmost importance. We call this our ‘Continuous Quality Cycle’ system.

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We ensures that all employees receive the best possible training for their work functions and ensure that such functions are carried out properly and competently.

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