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Our Services

mappingcuyTierra Geomatic Services Inc offers professional services that will provide timely and precise underground utility information for utilities, municipalities, engineers, surveyors, project owners and private property owners who wish to identify the locations of buried facilities on the public and / or private property during the design stage of their project development.

Tierra can act as liaison for coordinating between contractors crews and locating companies by providing electronic scheduling to ensure maximum productivity and provide adhoc private locates as required.

Since inception, Tierra has emphasized delivery of high quality service to its customers, administrative excellence and a commitment to the principles of continuous improvement.

Main Services

  • GPS Utility Mapping Services
  • Pipeline Risk Management
  • Urban Utility Asset Management
  • Sewer Safety Inspection Services
  • Oil & Gas Asset Management
  • Design/Pre-Engineering Locates
  • Pipeline Depth Probing & Profiling
  • GIS Data Integration
  • Private Property Locates
  • Project Management Services
  • Construction Pick-Line Services
  • Records Confirmation / Correction Services
  • Confined Space Entry

Key Expertise

  • High Precision Locating and mapping of buried facilities
  • Mapping of high pressure oil and gas Lines
  • High Voltage Lines
  • Mapping and management of Urban Assets
  • Mapping of disaster inflicted areas
  • Disaster Management and preparedness
  • Municipal infrastructure mapping and management
  • Mapping of both visible and hidden (underground) facilities
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Geomatics and Geographic projections
  • Mapping data warehousing
  • Vehicle based dynamic mapping and tracking
  • Telemetric recording, storage and reporting
  • Geographic Decision Support Systems

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