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Water & Sanitary Networks – CCTV Pipe Inspections

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Sewer Safety

At Tierra we go the extra mile and offer comprehensive sewer safety inspections (SSI’s). We use our SSI program as a critical quality control procedure to ensure that installed utilities did not penetrate sewer laterals. Penetration could cause serious risks and hazards for the environment and for residences. We can identify cause of blockages, provide an emergency response from a sewer locate, and plan investigations of sewers from historical data. Once we identify any blockage we respond accordingly and further investigate the matter.

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Types of Water & Sanitary Network Services

  • Leak detection
  • Sewer Safety Inspections (SSI)
  • Manhole/Catch basin inspection
  • Lateral inspection
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • NASSCO Pipe Condition Assessment (PACP)
  • NASSCO Lateral Condition Assessment (LACP)
  • NASSCO Manhole Condition Assessment (MACP)
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The Tierra Advantage

Tierra strives to provide the best possible services for all of its clients. With a highly trained staff and years of experience, Tierra does its best to ensure quality, safety and the highest level of professionalism.


At TIERRA we believe that vigilance, safety, and quality is of the utmost importance. We call this our ‘Continuous Quality Cycle’ system.

Team Safety

We ensures that all employees receive the best possible training for their work functions and ensure that such functions are carried out properly and competently.

Memberships And Certifications

Local management at Tierra has contributed in the development of industry-specific Best Practices and in the development of the ORCGA training curriculum.

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