Archway Augmented Reality

Through the use of our cutting edge proprietary Augmented Reality (AR) technology (Archway), all of Tierra’s services come to life. We are able to implement pre-engineering data into our systems which can then be utilized by our AR technology. With our AR systems we are able to visualize what is under the surface which dramatically cuts down on time, money, and overall damage.

Augmented reality (AR) can dramatically change the way building construction, maintenance, and repairs are carried out, and emergency response is dramatically improved through infrastructure management. By mapping out what is behind each wall in a building, data can be integrated into applications for a number of uses.



Archway is comprised of a three-layer process:

1. Asset Development & Construction

2. Asset Maintenance & Repairs

3. Emergency Response with Augmented Reality (AR)

In layer 1, Asset Development & Construction, CAD Design files can provide the base for new project construction management. All building elements are imported into another system, called “INTUSLINK”, and itemized. “INTUSLINK” is the Operations Resource Planning (ORP) system which provides all work order functionality, partial completion project monitoring, cost management and inventory controls. The final deliverable of this layer is a 3D structure model.

In layer 2, Asset Management & Repairs, existing structures can be integrated into the Archway system by means of 3D laser scanner technology. Once a 3D model is created of a structure, all schematics of the building are integrated into the system. This includes: underground utilities, above ground utilities (in walls, etc.), doors, windows, and other important structural elements.

In layer 3, Emergency Response with Augmented Reality, all emergency related health & safety processes, evacuation pathways, exits and equipment operational manuals are included as assets in the final product. Upon completion of the project, a “24×7″ emergency response phone application, using AR tools can be downloaded by all structure/building employees and anyone visiting the structure. This application can be used to guide and assist anyone inside in case of emergency as well as emergency response crews.



Archway’s System Provides Four Key Features:

    1. Online Data Integrity & Security

    2. Optimized Data Presentation

    3. Additional Data Access

    4. Data Organization

Online Data Integrity & Security:  Data is presented in interactive 3D environment, and only authorized users can view and edit data. Data is properly organized to maintain its integrity.

Optimized Data Presentation: Data is presented as layers, and each layer has its own presentation features which are customizable by member administrators. The layer presentation can be customized with respect to zoom level (i.e. different colour schemes for different zooms) and the amount of data downloaded is optimized for the field of view.

Additional Data Access: Authorized users can view and update the additional information of a particular object.

Data Organization: Data is properly organized in a hierarchy, composed of 1. Data Sets > 2. Layers > 3. Objects. Every member can control the layers, data in layers, data sets and layers in data sets.