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Our Technologies

Tierra Geomatic Services Inc. constantly delivers high levels of quality and flexibility as a result of the technological backing from a group of highly skilled engineers and researchers. Tierra has a complete mapping system with advanced mapping capabilities, with its own proprietary mapping hardware and processing suite, maintained to remain on technological edge, which afford the ability and flexibility to address unexpectedly peculiar problems.

The Software designers at Tierra have also developed a highly efficient Asset Management System, built around a scalable GIS engine, which has been integrated in many Geomatic based applications. It provides interface to almost all industry standard file formats. It has a very fast graphics engine which projects stunning visual representation. Furthermore, the technical team has developed Geomatic transformation and registration software for covering the entire process of locating, mapping and data processing.

Tierra has integrated the information system for online posting, sharing and processing of Geomatic data, which makes the entire process virtually available to all the stakeholders including project managers, field staff, executive management and the customers.

Associated GIS based by products are available, such as:

  • Urban Utility Asset Management System
  • Oil & Gas Asset Management System
  • Pipeline Risk Management System

A whole suite of ERP systems based on spatial Location Based Services (LBS) that enable the detailed monitoring of large scale construction and infrastructure programs with real time management and coordination of tasks by various sub-contractors.

Complete Systems

Urban Utility Asset Management System

Urban utility asset management system is a tremendous cross platform system which provides information and data collaboration solutions for the utility industry. It contains a systematic process of maintaining, upgrading and operating physical assets, enhancing knowledge of capital assets and their respective values. The system will hold all property records details of their utilities, taxation records, depreciated value and transactions. It is great for taxation, planning, economic development, transportation, fire/emergency, utilities, waste management, agriculture, forestry and etc. This GIS engine provide interface to almost all industry standard file formats. It has a very fast graphics engine which provides stunning visual appeal. In addition to this the technical team has developed geomatic transformation and registration software for covering the entire process of locating mapping and data processing.

Oil & Gas Asset Management System

Oil & Gas asset management system is designed for the global oil & gas exploration & production industry! It provides the premier on-line "real working environment" used in the industry to conduct business in cyberspace. The system provides tangible financial benefits to the oil & gas industry which will be measured in terms of increased efficiency and productivity, and intends to be the leader of the oil industry's conversion from a traditional paper-trail world to the new world of online project management. This system allows industry professionals to communicate and collaborate, manage business processes, conduct e-Commerce, access a wide variety of data and services and make deals online in real time.

Pipeline Risk Management System

Pipeline risk management system combines identification, assessment, mitigation, avoidance procedures to assess the risk of failure of pipelines. Pipeline inventory, collected data, and analysis results are presented on both web-based or desktop-based GIS interface to help pipeline owners focus their attention on areas of high risk and consequence of failure. It’s layered architecture features include vital land base supported Base maps, customizable layers of utilities, land usage information, chronological record of urban evolution, etc.

Other Systems & Products

Electronic Drawing

The electronic drawing program is used to create field locate sketches on-site, that can be printed and/or emailed to excavating clients. These electronic versions of drawings are much clearer to read when compared to conventional hand-drawn sketches. All of the locate specific information is input directly from the program, and then transferred to the .jpg output files. The electronic nature of the results allows for direct emailing to clients, digital archiving, as-built map integrations, and many other features.

Main Benefits:

  • Digitally accurate representation of the locate area
  • Geo-spatially referenced GPS coordinates imposed on the field drawing
  • GPS data can be extracted for use within utility GIS and asset management systems
  • Customizable and fillable utility forms
  • .JPG output files for easy emailing and archiving, eliminating unnecessary and time consuming manual administrative procedures like scanning
  • Screenshot basemap capability to create drawings that mimic utility field maps
  • Clearer and concise drawings as a result of a uniform look and feel when compared to conventional hand drawn sketches, which differ based on individual handwriting and routine
Drawing Control Interface Embed Drawing into Ticket Geo Reference Photo
Hermes Series - Wireless GPS Tracking Device

Tierra has developed and in-house combination hardware and software solution for wireless work order management and fleet tracking. The hardware portion of this solution is named “Hermes”, and it offers a variety of functions, including wireless dispatching of work orders, electronic completion and reporting for work orders, fleet tracking (GPS & location-based reporting), navigation/routing, wireless access point, and more. Hermes is fully enclosed GPS based asset tracking device in a small form factor. It is power efficient, real time reporting and water proof enclosure.

Geo Reference Photo
Mercury Series - Precision Wireless GPS Mapping Device

Tierra has its own proprietary GPS mapping hardware and processing suite (Mercury) which gives a significant cost benefit and flexibility to address peculiar problems and maintain its technological edge.

Mercury hardware provides sub-meter accuracy (sufficient in many cases) and can be used by our trained locators which makes locating and mapping a one step function. In addition Tierra is using other off the shelf high resolution GPS data collection equipment such as Trimble and Nexteq for more demanding engineering oriented mapping services with 1-10 cm accuracy level.

The locating or Mapping process at Tierra is managed by “LocatorBase” which is a fully automated ERP system from work order (ticket) generation ticket dispatching, scheduling to reporting, auditing, QC and billing. The reports are computer generated using in-house drawing software and can be uploaded directly from the field and shared with relevant users.


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