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Utility GPS Mapping / Locating Services

Enbridge Pipeline
TIERRA provides utility GPS mapping services and private locating services for underground utility facilities i.e. gas (high and low pressure), electric, telephone, television cable, sewer, water and deep-water services within city limits (urban locates) and beyond (rural locates). Tierra Provides GPS mapping services of variable accuracy up to 1cm, along with the private locating services for detailed representation of underground utilities, pipelines and O&G infrastructure on GIS and Asset Management systems.

Tierra offer many types of mapping and drafting services in a wide variety of sectors including: Municipal Governments (Rural & Urban), Parks and Recreation, Agricultural, utilities and Private Industry. We can custom design any type of map according to your specification and requirements. We specialize in new and old utility mapping services.

Other Locating Services

Design/Pre-engineering Locates

pre-engineeringTierra provides pre-engineering locates that are often secured to ensure optimum path selection and reduce the costs of plant installation. Tierra can provide our customers with SUE level engineering reports or pre-engineering locates.

Private Property Locates

Many homeowners, commercial, industrial and institutional facility owners or managers have private utilities on their premises. In many cases the facility owners are not completely aware of their obligations with respect to the provisioning of locates in advance of planned excavation activity. The Utilities take full responsibility for the location of their plant, but not all include the component that is on private property. Within industrial, commercial or industrial campuses, the plant beyond demark/meter is the facility owners and they are responsible for securing locates when required.

Tierra currently provides Private Locate Services for gas, hydro, water, sprinkler and communication plants situated on private property.

Records Confirmation / Correction services

Many underground facility owners do not update their internal records when a street or highway is rebuilt around their existing facilities. When It was originally installed the utility inspector measured it's location from existing curbs, poles, catch-basins, buildings and other physical landmarks. All of these landmarks can disappear over time rendering the old recorded information useless because there are no longer any valid measurements.

Tierra can update your old records and provide you with GPS coordinates of your utility (Accurate to 0.5m).

Records Confirmation / Correction services
Confined Space Entry

Tierra will provide fully equipped, trained and certified personnel to enter storm and utility manholes in order to collect required information.


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