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Urban Utility Asset Management Services

TIERRA is targeting the provision of GIS systems and Digital Data Collection services using proprietary GPS technology for the Global Utilities and Urban Communities.

TIERRA is providing the services to utilities in synergy with Canadian Locators and via acquisition of Utility Locating Companies with existing market share and add the mapping services as an add on service.

TIERRA has its own proprietary GPS mapping hardware and processing suite (Mercury) which gives a significant cost benefit and flexibility to address peculiar problems and maintain its technological edge. Mercury hardware provides sub-meter accuracy (sufficient in many cases) and can be used by our trained locators which makes locating and mapping a one step function. In addition Tierra is using other off the shelf high resolution GPS data collection equipment such as Trimble and Nexteq for more demanding engineering oriented mapping services with 1-10 cm accuracy level.

Mercury System Architecture Diagram
ESDN Application

Our software designers developed "ESDN" a highly scalable GIS engine, ESRI compatible, which has been further evolved to many geomatic based applications. This GIS engine provide interface to almost all industry standard file formats. It has a very fast graphics engine which provides stunning visual appeal. In addition to this the technical team has developed geomatic transformation and registration software for covering the entire process of locating mapping and data processing.

With regards to the Urban Communities the similar approach will be followed but instead of locating companies the targeted acquisitions may be of different type such as Engineering or Planning companies that are currently working with the Engineering Departments of Cities and Communities.


In-house GIS with advanced mapping and projection capabilities

ESDN (Electronic Spatial Data Network) developed on .NET technology with a rich API for application development. This multi-layer GIS engine is capable of supporting popular vector data files like ESRI shape files, DXF, KML and ASCII data. It is also capable of showing tiled raster data from a variety of map sources.




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