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Pre-Engineering Services


Tierra Geomatics Services Inc. is now offering full-scale Pre-Engineering packages via the amalgamation of Surveying/Mapping, Utility Locating and Geophysical Services.

Traditionally, these services would first require individual requests to their respective providers followed by mutual coordination of schedules (i.e. locates scheduled – locates completed – survey scheduled – survey completed – geophysical scheduled – geophysical completed) which often resulted in significant and unnecessary delays to the final deliverables. By creating a 2-man field crew consisting of a surveyor and a locator and equipping them with the necessary surveying, locating and geophysical equipment, these services can be completed simultaneously, effectively eliminating any such delays, minimizing mobilization & field costs and preserving the integrity of the field work via immediate data collection.

Upon completion of the field work the raw data is subjected to a Quality Control process courtesy of our in-house proprietary QC system which in turn is capable of exporting deliverables in multiple user friendly formats such as CAD (.dwg/.dxf), ESRI (SHAPE files) and Microstation (.dgn).

Our Services Include:

Utility Locating Services
  • Locating with existing utility maps
  • Private locating without maps
  • Electronic ticket management
Surveying Services
  • Property line identification
  • Pre-Engineering drawing & site plan
  • Topographic surveys
  • GIS & CADD meta data integration
  • Construction layouts & as-builts
Geophysical Services
  • Earthquake risk analysis for pipelines
  • Geological subsurface pipeline route verification
Equipment / Software
  • Hemisphere RTK GNSS
  • In-house proprietary RTK mapping device (Mercury 6)
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  • GIS based electronic spatial data network (ESDN) System
  • Map engine system
  • Urban asset management system

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