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Pipeline Risk Management Services

TIERRA is proud to provide services to major Canadian Pipelines such as Enbridge Gas (Ontario) Enbridge Pipelines, AltaLink, OJ Pipelines, as well as other engineering, construction corporations and communities throughout Alberta and Ontario. TIERRA has exclusive contracts covering all Alberta requests for major pipelines and utilities through the Alberta One Call network. In addition it handles the GPS mapping of all their infrastructures along with the locating services.

A number of Gas utilities are using Tierra on an ongoing basis for stand by safety services during installation and maintenance of their gas pipelines.

Surface erosion and subsequent change of the real depth of pipelines can become a safety risk. Exposed pipelines can be negatively impacted by environmental & sociological (people, traffic, etc.) changes. Continuous monitoring of pipeline depth is imperative to secure and protect pipeline infrastructure from these factors. Tierra provides such services to the pipelines industry on a long-term basis.

Pipeline can be at risk since there is possibility that a explosion, leak, stress, temperature change or noise/vibrations could happened due to different situations. Therefore a risk management solution is extremely important. Tierra has developed the technologies used in Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing(DTS) and Strain Sensing(DSS). DTS and DSS provide reliable and inexpensive method of underground asset safety. These technologies give both pre-incident warnings and post-accident alarms, and also provide technological support for excavation safety. All the data collected from these technologies will be integrated into a GIS based monitoring system named "Phosphorous" in order to monitor and manage the risk at real time.

Thermal properties of the soil can affect energy dissipation from sub-surface high-tension power transmission lines. Thermal property analysis (by probing) during the planning stages of installing high-tension underground transmission lines can significantly reduce energy losses. Tierra provides soil analysis services using its own proprietary equipment.

Enbridge Pipeline Depths

Enbridge Pipeline Depth Project


Phosphorous GIS based distributed Temperature and Strain Monitoring System


Thermal Property Analysis

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