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Oil & Gas Asset Management Services

oiloffice™ is Canada's First B2B Internet Portal for the Global Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Industry!™ provides the premier on-line "real working environment" used in the Industry to conduct business in cyberspace.™ provides tangible financial benefits to the Oil & Gas Industry which will be measured in terms of increased efficiency and productivity.™ is well prepared to enter the B2B world, although by asset or current revenue comparisons it is very small compared to existing competitors. The Company has the advantage of superior technologies and an original approach to service and asset value-maximization tools it offers to its clients on-line or through wireless technologies for field access. The list of™ advantages is impressive:™ offers:

  • Data Management on-line. (i.e. seismic, well information, land, etc.)
  • A cyber office to conduct business online.
  • A growing suite of interactive products and services.
  • Secure File Transfer capability for moving very large data files over the Internet.
  • Party participation through strategic alliances with firms that will provide services and conduct business through™.
  • Services to companies of any size within the Industry, from a one-consultant office to the largest multinational corporation.™ facilitates a spectrum of procurement and divestiture services like other sites, yet, it has no direct Canadian competitors. A true Internet B2B Portal, it is unique in that it allows for Oil & Gas exploration and production companies to organize and manage their seismic, well and other data while maintaining control and accessing knowledge-on-demand.™ aims to be the Portal of choice for:

  • Corporations that need to increase the adoption rate of digitization of data.
  • Governments that are looking to place public data in the best place for access.
  • ASP's that want a sustainable competitive advantage while minimizing marketing costs.
  • Service Providers.
  • On-line Exploration project managers.
  • Corporations that need advertising and sales for their properties.

The introduction of™'s "Services to Data" concept changes the Industry dynamics dramatically, adding a new dimension to the versatility and efficiencies sought by the Industry.

Not to be confused with a website selling goods,™ is a real working environment used to conduct business in cyberspace. It maximizes the impact of expertise, improves availability, lowers costs associated with doing business and increases not only the speed of transactions but also the speed of service.


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Corporate Property Listing Package
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Property Description

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Project Documentation
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Seismic Data
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