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Geophysical Services

geophysical servicesTierra is providing Conventional Geo-Technical Services such as Ground Penetration Radar near surface analysis and interpretation as applied to Engineering and Geophysical applications.

geophysical servicesAdditional Geo-Technical Services offered by Tierra will provide utilities, engineering companies and other industries such as the mining industry with advanced geophysical technologies and techniques for detection identification and mapping of underground facilities, such as sewer laterals or currently untraceable structures.

Innovative ideas and solution designs that provide detailed continuous profiling of near surface layers and lithology for the purpose of efficient and economical foundation studies pipeline path validation and routing and near surface archaeological surveys.

Geo-Technologies and surveys that Tierra can subcontract manage and oversee:

  • Refraction Studies
  • Seismic Tomography
  • Reflection Seismic
  • Seismic Inversion

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