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Damage Investigation Services / Claims

Tierra maintains top level expertise in Damage Investigations providing independent investigative services for numerous stakeholders, including Locating Contractors and Utilities.

Our main client is Canadian Locators through all its Ontario operations servicing clients such as Bell, Enbridge Gas, Power Stream and other clients including municipalities and excavating companies.

Detailed Technical Reports are generated with very comprehensive and precise Electronic Drawings, Measurements, Damage Pictures and Root Cause Analysis reports.

Tierra provides an independent and highly professional service that can extend into supporting legal claims and expert witness in Court appearances.

Claim settlement services can be provided by our expert professionals using their multi-year utility experience.

Our expert team includes Professional Engineers, Licensed Surveyors, internal and external legal experts with multiple years of experience in Utility Damage Prevention and Claims.

Our Field Investigators with multi-year experience in utility locating, Field Auditing and Damage Investigating can provide accurate assessment of liabilities and support the damage recovery and claims process effectively.

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