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Quality Assurance and Safety Philosophy

TIERRA's highest priorities are to safety, quality, efficiency and effectiveness. These are dynamic priorities requiring continuous vigilance. At TIERRA we call this our 'Continuous Quality Cycle'. TIERRA management enforces adherence to NULCA standards and practices. TIERRA goes further taking positive proactive measures by making our business practices transparent to our customer as well as upgrading our customer databases.

At TIERRA, operational management provides continuous planning, execution and evaluation services. An important company management goal is to improve locating accuracy and safety in the field while reducing service costs to both the company and to the customer. This translates into TIERRA continuously evaluating its processes with respect to timely reporting, in designing and standardizing forms, effecting real-time data input wherever possible, and providing easy to read reports for clients, excavators, employees and other stakeholders.

qaTIERRA's employees are well trained and receive competitive compensation. Employee retention translates directly into safety through maintenance of an experienced workforce. We actively seek work for our best people even during the 'slow' times of the year so we can maintain the best possible service. Low turnover is further ensured as career opportunities increase within a rapidly expanding company.

TIERRA utilizes its senior, most experienced locators as hands-on, front-line supervisors/team leaders. They are responsible for the reliability and performance of their team members as well as building a good working relationship with client field personnel.

TIERRA management has a client-excavator liaison program with periodic client surveys to ascertain and address client concerns and keep the client informed of advances and problems in the areas of safety and quality assurance. A prime forum for information exchange is the Calgary Regional Utility Damage Prevention Committee, of which TIERRA is a full member.

TIERRA has recently joined the ORCGA and fully complies with ORCCGA's best practices. TIERRA local management has contributed in the development of industry-specific Best Practices and in the development of the ORCGA training curriculum. We believe that our experience greatly assists the development and continuous improvement of ORCGA's program. TIERRA has spearheaded the establishment of the definitions, requirements and training material for the Underground Utility Locator designation and the courses offered by the Petroleum Industry Training Services (PITS).

TIERRA is certified under COR from the Alberta Construction and Safety Association. The requirements of this certification are in accordance with ISO 9000 qualification process. Since inception, TIERRA has emphasized delivery of high quality service to its customers, administrative excellence and a commitment to the principles of continuous improvement.

As part of basic training, TIERRA locators are required to learn and to implement throughout their work industry-specific best practices.

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