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Management of Work Flow

The Corporation is operating via an Internet Portal called "". This Portal allows for reduced administrative duplication, faster communication between office and field staff (and clients), wireless data transmission and storage, video data links, and other productivity enhancements.

This Internet based ticket management system seamlessly receives, parses, and stores electronic tickets created by One Call systems. The tickets are automatically assigned, based upon the individual locating and geographic requirements. The dispatch function is able to minimize the distances that locators must travel to complete their daily work. This has proven to improve locator productivity ratios. collects completed locate information and maintains a comprehensive audit trail, including all ticket transaction information with date stamps for all actions taken. Every ticket is available for quick and easy retrieval.

workflowWe developed and enhanced this system with more than 5,000,000 processed locate requests through CLI/TIERRA operations. It is our belief that TIERRA can offer the paying party (the utility or municipal authority) a less expensive but much improved service due to the functionality of, integrated with wireless functionality. Through the use of this centralized management system, CLI/TIERRA management is able to facilitate the ticketing, distribution, tracking, and reporting of utility locating services and to simplify associated administrative and quality control processes across any geographical contract area.

Through access to a distributed network via the Internet, centralized administrators and dispatchers are able to disseminate and distribute workloads to field crews and supervisors, based on predetermined geographical, individual or group criteria.

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