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Employee and Training

Tierra's innovations, capabilities, and associated operational cost reductions, permit long term full-time employment with better than industry-average salaries for employees that establish long-term loyalty and show interest for continuous improvement and further involvement in TIERRA's business. TIERRA's competitive salaries, the generous bonus plan, and industry leading benefits package further strengthen the employees‟ long-term commitment to the company.

TIERRA commits considerable resources in the continuous professional development of its human resources by administering on-going training, technical education, and career advancement incentives through identified paths of increased responsibility within the corporate structure.

trainingTIERRA maintains an extensive in-house training program that assists in the development of new locating technicians with very good working understanding of underlying geophysical concepts, operational procedures, and field safety practices. New locators receive additional training on utility mapping, computer and internet operations, wireless communications and the development of a positive and professional attitude.

TIERRA has been working closely with other locating firms and the Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors (CAGC) to ensure its staff meets the needs of the geophysical industry for line locating through the Line Locators Advisory Committee. The Committee is a part of CAGC. An outcome from this activity will be an industry-wide set of standards for locator training, a training course through the Petroleum Industry Training Service (PITS), and a certificate that will verify an individual worker's expertise and fitness for service with any company in the industry.

TIERRA has an excellent record in retaining locator services employees. TIERRA allows vehicle allowances for new staff and bonus incentives in the busy periods. TIERRA employees are providing various type of locating services, from the very demanding private locating services to Pipelines companies, Engineering and Construction companies etc. but at the same time TIERRA provides employees in order to reduce impact of ticket fluctuation loads in all CLI contracts. As a result TIERRA employees are a high level task force with unparalleled practical experience in a variety of contracts and situations.

TIERRA emphasizes and implements in its operations internal efficiencies and controls along with wireless real time dispatching technology that maximizes productivity and advanced GPS fleet management technology which reduce variable costs (like gasoline expenses and excessive insurance premiums due to speeding and speed related accidents).

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