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Corporate Structure

TIERRA is a privately owned company growing aggressively by addressing the market growth needs for accuracy, speed and cost efficient services. Locating service integration with mapping by means of electronic drawing, as builds and GPS mapping makes a better ROI for many advanced Engineering companies and utilities as they rely heavily on GIS systems for their Asset Management functionalities.

TIERRA has recently joined the ORCGA, and is a member of NULCA, NUCA and Alberta Construction & Safety Association.

corporatestructureTIERRA's field operations structure is scalable and thus designed to manage staff of any size. Corporate, field, and relationship managers work closely with the facility owners to review performance statistics and to improve the practices and procedures of the company. The safety coordinator works together with the field manager on issues regarding health and safety practices. The fleet manager and inventory coordinator work together with the staff to monitor and maintain all inventory of equipment. Field managers relay decisions to their division leaders who act as supervisors in particular areas. They cover aspects of field safety, damages and operational issues. Division leaders have two team leaders and one auditor reporting to them on locating issues and day-to-day operations. Reports of field and safety audits are done by the auditor. Team leaders work side-by side with locators assigned to their subdivided area. Locators report day-to-day work progress to their team leaders.

Numerous meetings at each level take place to discuss all aspect of operations. The process leaves no issue unresolved. Tierra's structure gives field managers the guidance and support to facilitate any contract, making all levels accountable to each other in their roles in the company. Our innovative technology brings this structure together and makes it a very efficient and effective time management system.

Management Teams


Mr. Agouridis is the President and CEO of Tierra Geomantic Services Inc. Mr. Agouridis spearheads the business development of Tierra based on a technology and information management based models that address the utility industry requirements and limitations on a nationwide basis.

Mr. Agouridis has numerous publications and patents in a variety of scientific subjects. He is the designer of numerous ERP systems applied to various business sectors with emphasis on cost efficient logistics management, safety standards improvement, wireless internet communications and field operations optimization.


Mr. Clark obtained a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Certified Management Accountant Designation enhanced with management positions from Controller to Chief Financial Officer to President and CEO. He has over 35 years of executive experience in Oil & Gas Companies and Oilfield Service Companies as well as strong expertise in finance, cost management, organizational structure, marketing and sales.

His work in management includes procurement and expenditure of funds in excess of $85 million for purposes of drilling, completion and tie-in of over 320 wells and construction of related compression facilities. Other projects of note include a $50 million fund raise for a private oil company, three year survey contract in Oman, airborne laser GPS mapping for the Government of Malaysia and as CEO managed survey offices in Alberta, Newfoundland, Texas, Louisiana, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

On the corporate side Mr. Clark has taken companies from inception to development, raised debt and equity capital, held Board positions and restructured two companies in the private sector and launched them into the public market.

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